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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Steven Body

Principal – B. Science, Postgrad. Dip. Env. Mgmt., Dip. Ed.

Steve has a teaching background in Secondary Science, Biology and Chemistry and PDHPE.

Steve is a passionate advocate for the environment and loves helping all students to connect to country and the natural world.

Carly Howden 

School Administration Manager – B. Marine Sci.

Carly came to us from corporate business administration and with an environmental background, she is the perfect front-woman for Brewongle. Carly is an organisational superstar and will help with any administrative or booking needs.  

Kate Keary

Permanent Teacher – B. Marine Sci., M. Env. Ed., M. Teach (Secondary Science & Geography)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Kate is a passionate environmental educator with over 20 years of experience in the field. Kate has worked and presented on environmental education projects across Australia and internationally. She has particular interests in engaging students in citizen science, nature journalling, marine and acquatic environmental education and geography. Kate aims to use her skills and experience to connect students to the natural world and inspire change for a sustainable future. 

Diahnn Borazio

Teacher – B. Ed. (Primary), Grad. Cert. Teach. Lib.

Monday - Friday

Diahnn is a primary trained teacher with a passion for delivering authentic, relevant and meaningful learning experiences that promote a deep connection with and sense of responsibility for the natural world. 


Adriana Carle

Teacher – BA, Dip. Ed. (Secondary)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Adriana has a teaching background in Secondary Geography, History, Modern History, History Extension and Society and Culture.

Adriana has a keen interest in local geography and history. She aims to help equip all visitors to Brewongle with the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible global citizens.

David Cowell

Teacher - BA, Dip. Ed. (Primary)

Monday & Tuesday

David is a primary trained teacher with a passion for connecting kids to the real world, First Nations culture and science. His desire to build an inclusive community supporting dignity for all continues year to year. David is keen to enable all to listed to voices guided by the lessons of millenia.

Tom Saxon

Teacher - B. Health Science (PDHPE), M. Teaching (Secondary)

Thursday & Friday

Tom has a background teaching PDHPE and special education. Passionate about environmental education, he has a keen interest in conservation and disturbance ecology. His educational approach focuses on fostering authentic learning experiences that encourage students to think critically about their potential impact on environmental outcomes.

Craig Tangye


Wednesday, Thursday

Katrina Prince



Kate Auditore 

Teacher – BA, B. Ed. (Primary)


Kate is a primary trained teacher with a passion for authentic outdoor education and connecting students with natural spaces. With many years experience as a bushwalker and through involvement with the Scouting organisation, Kate believes that environmental education develops student understanding of the natural world and increases their desire to care for the environment. 

Holly Burgmann  

Teacher – BA, Dip. Ed. (Secondary Geography and Society and Culture)


Holly is an experienced high school teacher and is a keen geographer.  She loves people and the outdoors, and her aim for all excursions is for her students to have a great time and learn to love the environment more! 

Sue Price 

Teacher – B. Landscape Arch., Postgrad. Dip. Env. Ed, M. Teach. (Primary), M. Indig. Ed.


Sue is a descendant of the Aboriginal people of the Yuin Nation and has a passion for educating about Country – where environment, culture and people connect.

Sue believes that responsibility to Country is carried by all Australians, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal and aims to share this understanding. Sue also teaches pre-service teachers at Western Sydney University.​

AJ Newton 

Teacher – B. Education (K-12)


AJ is an educator with experience in primary and secondary school settings. He is passionate about the environment and hopes to inspire all students to share the same appreciation and respect for the living world around us. AJ's enthusiastic teaching style aims to express the importance of connecting to country and empower future generations with knowledge and actions they can use to lead a sustainable life.

Kirk Carroll 

Teacher – B. Sport Science, M. Teaching (Secondary)


Kirk enjoys encouraging students to be active outdoors and explore the natural environment. He is a passionate educator who enjoys sharing the journey of connecting to Country.

Erin Wilkins 

Aboriginal Educator

Erin is a strong and proud Freshwater /Saltwater Dharug Wiradjuri woman living along the Dyarubbin (Hawkesbury River). She is an Aboriginal educator, facilitator and consultant working across all sectors and industries.  Born and raised in Western Sydney, Erin enjoys being on Country, protecting and connecting with Culture. Erin develops and delivers Aboriginal Cultural workshops in addition to providing interpretation support, cultural awareness activities and consultation.

Charles Rickards

General Assistant

Paul Dziubinksi

General Assistant

Wendy the Wallaby (& Wendy Jr)

Full time

Wendy enjoys grazing near our Wattungle classroom on the soft grasses. Although she's full time, she's quite shy and often disappears when she hears herds of students nearby. If you're lucky and quiet, you may spot her. Wendy is a wild animal though so she roams around the bush as she pleases. 


Full time

Chewie is a Central Bearded Dragon who loves kale, crickets and relaxing in his hammock. He lives in a large indoor enclosure where he keeps a watchful eye over Carly, our SAM. 


Full time

GG is an Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard. GG is short for garung garung, which means 'pretty' in Dharug, and we think she very much suits her name! She loves eating delicious juicy snails and strawberries. She spends colder seasons curled up in the sun or on her heat mat inside, but when the weather warms up she loves to hang in her outdoor enclosure. 


Full time

Heidi is also an Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard who loves cuddles and juicy snails. She's very friendly with people, but she isn't great friends with GG so they have their own separate enclosures. Heidi loves to make a cameo in Brewongle programs and enjoys gentle pats from students. She does get a bit scared when too many people crowd around her though.