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Geographical inquiry process and fieldwork

This face to face course at Brewongle Environmental Education Centre will support Primary Teachers in programming and implementing the new Geography Syllabus from K-6. It will guide teachers through the Geographical Inquiry Process Skills and demonstrate a range of stage-appropriate Geographical Fieldwork Tools to support students’ learning at school.

5hrs professional learning

MyPL course code NRG01547

Download the information flyer Geographical inquiry process and fieldwork.

Completing Geographical inquiry and fieldwork will contribute 4 hours of professional development addressing 2.1.2, 2.2.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Course content

Unpacking the syllabus 

Be guided through the three stages of the Geographical inquiry process, where students acquire, process and communicate geographical information.

Fieldwork and resources

A showcase of stage appropriate fieldwork tools, including hands on activities, iPad Apps, websites and other resources which will support the teaching of geography in the school setting.

Geographical inquiry programs at Brewongle

A hands on session to allow teachers to engage in specialist fieldwork techniques using a range of geographical tools provided by Brewongle EEC. Through this session, teachers will gain understanding in teaching geographical concepts such as place, space, environment, interconnection and sustainability.

Program feedback

"The staff were very friendly and personable. The sessions were practical and hands-on. Food was delicious! A great way to spend the first day back at school for a SDD."

"A fantastic day. The sessions were informative and perfectly timed. There was not waiting time and everyone was engaged. The catering was impressive and all dietary needs were catered for."

"I found the day to be very inspiring and worthwhile. I enjoyed the presentation because it was professional, informative and delivered with great enthusiasm. I thought the timing was good and the length of breaks were appropriate. The food was excellent and was presented so beautifully. The Brewongle staff were very welcoming. Their high degree of knowledge and their desire to share/pass it on was evident and greatly appreciated. In all, I thought the day was outstanding. Thank you. Tanya."

"Thank you for the fantastic opportunity. I found the course really valuable, and the staff were amazing. As an environmental educator for NPWS, I find it really valuable to know how the teachers want the work presented, and I the thought processes of children and how their needs are met in the field."

"Extremely well organised day. 1st session was very helpful as it explained the components of the syllabus and the acquiring, processing & communicating parts in a way that could be understood by non-geography-trained novices. The Stage 3 fieldwork session was highly relevant to the unit we will be implementing this term and provided practical examples of how to introduce and carry out fieldwork with our classes. The afternoon session provided us with even more ideas for engaging our students in geographical inquiry by encouraging the 'big students' to use some geographical tools. Not only was the day highly informative, well run, creative and engaging but it was FUN! A beautiful setting in a magnificent part of the world. The food provided is exceptional - I have not experienced better at a professional learning day. Overall, a very worthwhile experience! Congratulations and thanks Brewongle EEC."