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Geography - features of places

This excursion supports a Geographical Inquiry approach to learning about the features of the home of the ‘Habitat Tree’ – a beautiful Grey Gum which is the oldest tree at Brewongle.

Geography - Features of Places - The habitat tree

Nature is important for many reasons, both to people and to wildlife. The Habitat Tree is a beautiful Grey Gum, the oldest tree at Brewongle. Students explore the features of places around the Habitat Tree and the connections between the tree and its surrounds. They use Geographical Tools to understand the impact that seasons and people have on the natural environment around the Habitat Tree.

Maximum student numbers are 5 classes or 150 students.

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Program feedback

"Very appropriate, really match the children level, linked to curriculum, LO and syllabus. Related and covered most things in our Science, Geography."

Pre-excursion tasks

The Last Tree by Mark Wilson

This picture book is about a beautiful old eucalyptus tree that grew tall and strong over many years. It was the centre of life in the forest and provided food and shelter for many forest dwellers. But what happens when the tree is threatened as the surrounding forest slowly disappears?

This text is a fantastic stimulus for teacher-led literacy tasks in the lead-up to their excursion.

If you don't have a copy of this text in your school or local library, Brewongle has a copy available for loan. Alternatively, to view a YouTube reading of this text, click here