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Geography - Earth's Natural Systems

Geography - Earth's Natural Systems

This excursion has been designed to support the NSW Geography 11-12 Syllabus topic Earth's natural systems. This geographical inquiry investigates the natural processes, cycles and circulations that have shaped the Hawkesbury River and its surrounding land, as well as the impacts of human activities on this environment.

This resource includes 5-6 pre-excursion lessons examining the atmospheric, hydrological, geomorphic and ecological systems that have shaped the Hawkesbury-Nepean River and its surrounding land, as well as a 4 hour fieldwork component to be undertaken on site. 

Maximum 3 classes per day. 

Visit our current excursion page to complete the pre-visit work.

2024 Earths Natural Systems Flyer

Student worksheet

For schools still completing the 2023 excursion, please use this excursion page link.