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Penrith - Hawkesbury Environmental Educators Network – PHEEN

Please email brewongle-e.admin[at] or join our private Facebook group for more information.

PHEEN mission and values

To instil environmental values in young people

Raise awareness of the natural environment and ways to protect and conserve.

Provide a network which can create tangible outcomes for environmental issues.

Fostering a culture of sustainable and pro-environmental ethic within schools and organisations

Provide a network to support people working with young people to embed environmental/ sustainability education into learning and provide tools and resources to enable this to happen

Make the links between environment and education

Inspire people working with children and young people to instil values which help young people protect and love the natural world

Our aim is to

  • Support
  • Share resources
  • Host and hold events
  • Provide curriculum support to embed sustainability into the curriculum
  • Provide a network to encourage and inspire each other
  • We aim to have a diverse representation of organisations and people in the community in our network